‘I’m Not One to Hide Under the Covers’: Dolly Parton Talks Doing Good During Difficult Times

On Thursday night, the 2022 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy was awarded to six people and organizations making the world a better place.

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Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy celebrates 20th anniversary

“Philanthropy alone cannot solve these problems,” Stacy Schusterman said. “But we do have a huge responsibility to be a partner at the table – to work in partnership with the people and communities most impacted, to take risks and to find solutions.”

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Dolly Parton congratulates Dunfermline on its City Status

One of the world’s most famous and most loved has personalities has sung the praises of Dunfermline’s newly acquired ‘City Status’ conferred last year on the ancient capital of Scotland.

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Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy 2022 Honorees

Schustermans share stage with Dolly Parton

Lynn Schusterman and Stacy Schusterman were honored Oct. 13 in New York City alongside Dolly Parton with the 2022 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy, an award that recognizes innovative philanthropists making the world smarter, cleaner, healthier and more equitable for all.

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Manu Chandaria first African to receive Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

Billionaire Manu Chandaria has become the first African to receive the coveted Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

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Manu Chandaria Feted With Carnegie Medal Of Philanthropy

Business mogul Manu Chandaria was on Thursday feted with the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy when the Carnegie family of institutions celebrated their 20th anniversary in a ceremony held in New York.

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Lynn and Stacy Schusterman win Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

Lynn and Stacy Schusterman were among the recipients of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy on Thursday, considered the field’s most prestigious award. They are the first mother-daughter pair to receive the prize, which is funded by the range of institutions bearing the Carnegie name.

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Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

Here are excerpts from the individual award citations.

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Dolly Parton Awarded Medal for Philanthropy

Watch video interview and excerpt from acceptance speech.

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Dolly Parton among Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy winners

Country superstar Dolly Parton, who made a big donation to help fund coronavirus vaccine research in 2020, is among this year’s Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy recipients. Also being honored are Dallas entrepreneur Lyda Hill, Kenyan industrialist Manu Chandaria, and Lynn and Stacy Schusterman, from the Oklahoma investment family.

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Lyda Hill

Colorado Springs philanthropist Lyda Hill receives prestigious award

Lyda Hill, a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist who summers in Colorado Springs and has spent millions supporting the city’s outdoor spaces and educational institutions, has been named one of five recipients of the 2022 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.

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Manu Chandaria

Getting to Know Manu Chandaria, the First Carnegie Medal Recipient From Africa

Manu Chandaria is chair of the Chandaria Foundation and the first medalist to represent Africa. Chandaria is a Kenyan businessman of Indian descent, and the head of the family that founded the multinational industrial conglomerate the Comcraft Group. Born in Nairobi, he has spent years funding education, healthcare, and other issues across the continent.

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Manu Chandaria: First African to receive Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

Over the years, his philanthropic hand, through Chandaria Foundation, has stretched wide into schools to hospitals, benefiting millions of people. Even at his advanced age, Mr. Chandaria, 93, has maintained his stubborn resolve to change lives and make a difference. He was among five persons named as this year’s recipients of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.

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Dolly Parton to Receive Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

Parton said in a statement about the honor, “I’ve always believed that if you are in a position to help, you should help, and I truly hope that I can be an inspiration for others to lift up those around them.”

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Tulsa philanthropists Lynn and Stacy Schusterman receive international award for giving

Two members of a Tulsa family known for its generosity have been singled out for a prestigious international honor.

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Lyda Hill

Dallas Philanthropist Lyda Hill Is One of Five Winners of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

An early donor of the research that led to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, Hill believes that “science is the answer”—and has chosen to donate the entirety of her estate to philanthropy and scientific research.

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A Timeline of Dolly Parton’s Good Deeds – Billboard

As the coronavirus began to spread worldwide in April 2020, the icon donated $1 million to the disease’s research at Vanderbilt University, which helped fund Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. Data released this week shows that Moderna’s vaccine is 94.5% effective against coronavirus, marking the second vaccine with a high success rate.

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Lyda Hill

Lyda Hill to Join Dolly Parton, Others Among Philanthropy Medal Recipients

Hill was selected to be among the honorees “for investments in the life sciences, including cancer and mental health research and treatment; conservation; supporting women in STEM fields and inspiring girls to be interested in STEM careers; and empowering community-based nonprofits to maximize impact.”

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Lynn Schusterman and Stacy Schusterman

Lynn and Stacy Schusterman, Dolly Parton among Carnegie philanthropy medal winners

The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation was established in 1987 to invest in systemic change in the United States and Israel on matters of justice and equity.

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Lynn Schusterman and Stacy Schusterman

Oklahomans to Receive Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

The Schustermans, from an Oklahoma investment family, exemplify philanthropists whose donations have made a long-lasting impact, in addition to making timely grants to address current needs, Carnegie Medal representatives said.

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Manu Chandaria named as First Carnegie philanthropy awardee from Africa

The 2022 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy winners have been unveiled, and included among them is philanthropist and businessman Manu Chandaria, who chairs the Chandaria Foundation and is the first recipient from the African continent.

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Mellody Hobson, new chair of the Starbucks board, is a big champion of financial literacy

Ariel Investments’ Mellody Hobson rose from a childhood of financial insecurity into an investing powerhouse and philanthropist.


Orange County philanthropist helped save crucial Mexican lagoon used by gray whales for breeding

When the last undeveloped lagoon in Mexico that was crucial for gray whale migration was threatened with a giant salt production plant, the heiress of an oil tycoon’s fortune stepped up.

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Robert F. Smith, the billionaire who promised to pay off student loans for an entire college class, said his $34 million gift was inspired by a small act of philanthropy he saw his mom make

On October 16, the billionaire accepted the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy for his donation. In his acceptance speech, Smith explained the role his parents played in inspiring the decision.

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Sir Ian Wood is honoured with Carnegie medal

Sir Ian Wood, one of Scotland’s wealthiest men, has been honoured for his charitable work after being named as one of nine recipients of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.

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The World’s Greatest Philanthropist Died Today, 100 Years Ago; What Should Modern Millionaires Learn From Andrew Carnegie

Exactly one hundred years ago today, Andrew Carnegie died in in Lenox, Massachusetts.

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New Canaan philanthropist earns medal named after Carnegie

A local philanthropist has been recognized for his giving with an award named for steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie.

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Local Nonprofit Gets Carnegie Recognition

Laguna Beach resident and environmental champion Anne Earhart, who works to protect natural resources and promote global biodiversity through her Marisla Foundation, is among those being honored with a Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.

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These Nine Individuals Are Transforming 21st-Century Philanthropy

Sunday, August 11, was the centenary of the death of the world’s greatest philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie.

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Hall of Fame: 2017 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Winners

In his manifesto “The Gospel of Wealth,” published at the peak of the Gilded Age, Andrew Carnegie outlined what he saw as the responsibilities of people who had made great fortunes. They should live modestly, he declared, and they should recycle wealth back into their communities—and do so during their lifetimes. It’s a message that has never worn out from overuse.

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In Living Color: Andrew Carnegie and the 2017 Medalists

A portfolio of original portraits of the 2017 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy recipients by acclaimed Barcelona-based artist Montse Bernal offers a colorful tribute to the nine remarkable men and women who embody the spirit of Andrew Carnegie. The portraits were specially commissioned for the Winter 2018 issue of the Carnegie Reporter, the Corporation’s flagship publication. And Ms. Bernal did not neglect to turn her artistry to the great man himself, Andrew Carnegie, whose enduring legacy of philanthropy we celebrate in the lives and achievements of our 2017 medalists, and who continues to inspire generations of people from every walk of life.

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A Tribute to the 2017 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Honorees

It was a day to honor those who use their success and stature to take on some of the world’s biggest problems. More than 300 guests came to The New York Public Library’s Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on Tuesday, October 3. The reason?

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Award-Winning Philanthropists Explain the Roots of Their Giving

Long before Jeffrey Skoll helped Pierre Omidyar build eBay into a company that made them both billionaires, he wanted to tell stories.

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Determination And A Dream Help Create 10 Million Acre Patagonia National Park System

Adventurers and nature lovers now have a new area to explore: a 715-mile national park system stretching from Hornopirén, Chile, to the southern tip of South America.


Li Ka-Shing: Asia’s second-richest person retires

Mr Li, aged 89, whose wealth has been put at $35.3bn (£25.3bn) by Forbes, is handing over the reins to his eldest son, Victor Li.


Chile Adds 10 Million Acres of Parkland in Historic First

American philanthropists and the Chilean government pledged to protect the land nearly a year ago. Now, it’s official.

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Looking For New Year Inspiration? Meet Chuck Feeney–The James Bond Of Philanthropy

Resting on the small kitchen table where Feeney, 86, sat was a lucite plaque. It read something like this: Congratulations to Chuck Feeney for $8 billion of philanthropic giving. That’s right $8 – billion

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Philadelphia’s Lenfests receive Carnegie Medal for their extraordinary philanthropy

As patrons and major supporters of the arts in Philadelphia, Marguerite and H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest are used to giving ovations. Tuesday afternoon they received one at a tony luncheon at the New York Public Library as they and seven other recipients accepted the 2017 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.


China Businesswoman Receives Carnegie Philanthropy Medal In New York

Mei Hing Chak – also known as Zhai Meiqing – was feted with a Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in New York this week for exceptional giving and creating a world of positive change.

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Jeff Skoll Awarded Carnegie Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Philanthropy

When Jeff was just beginning his journey as philanthropist, he sought the advice of John Gardner, the visionary who served as adviser to five American Presidents and was one of the architects of Lyndon B. Johson’s “Great Society” programs.

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Shelby White Recieves the 2017 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

Shelby White’s extraordinary philanthropic accomplishments extend across as wide a range as Andrew Carnegie’s own philanthropy.

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Q&A: Founder of China’s first foundation talks future of philanthropy

China is home to the second largest percentage of the world’s billionaires, but philanthropy there remains a relatively new, emerging trend.

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Meet The Winners Of The Carnegie Medal Of Philanthropy

The award honors the super wealthy who are giving away their money in interesting ways.

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Superwealthy Donors Say Fundraisers Who Do Their Homework Get the Big Gifts

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fundraising, according to 19 of the wealthiest donors who were interviewed about how their giving has evolved over time.

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Azim Premji honoured with Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

Premji, 70, who founded the Azim Premji Foundation, is among the nine philanthropists named recipients of the 2017 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in “recognition of their outstanding and innovative leadership in philanthropy”

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One of China’s richest women hopes to keep driving culture of philanthropy

After starting work in a hotel kitchen, Zhai Meiqin began selling furniture and built a billion-dollar conglomerate but she took great pride on Thursday for being recognized for driving a new phenomenon in China—philanthropy.

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A New Landscape of Giving: Power, Policy, and Philanthropy

Competing views on the role of philanthropy in today’s political landscape took center stage at Carnegie Corporation of New York on Thursday as a panel of leading experts discussed the most pressing issues facing the sector and its role in society.

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Introducing the 2015 Carnegie Medal Recipients

Since 2001, the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy has been awarded to those who do “real and permanent good.” Learn about the newest class of philanthropists.

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