Chak, Mei Hing

Mei Hing Chak



Areas of Focus

Education | Poverty Alleviation | Rescue/Disaster Relief

In 2005 Mei Hing Chak (also known as Meiqing Zhai) established the Heungkong Charitable Foundation, a leading nonpublic philanthropic foundation in China, committed to education, poverty alleviation, and rescue/disaster relief. The foundation has served more than two million people in need. Its efforts include sending books to over one million students, providing assistance to over 80,000 handicapped children and elderly people, and inspiring more than 100,000 people to volunteer for charitable causes. Ms. Chak is the president of Heungkong Group Limited, a large, privately run conglomerate with businesses spanning several industries, including commercial trade circulation, financial investment, health, resources and energy, education, property management, and industry and development. The Heungkong Group has around 20,000 employees and assets of approximately RMB100 billion.

Ms. Chak holds a master’s degree in management from Tulane University. She was profiled by the BBC News in 2011 (“Zhai Meiqing at the Forefront of Chinese Philanthropy”) and four years later by Forbes (“In Asia, 40 Heroes of Philanthropy Are Making Their Mark”). The first recipient of China’s Poverty Alleviation Medal, Ms. Chak is a standing member of the All-China Women’s Federation and served as the 100th torchbearer of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The Heungkong Group was the first private corporation in China to found a charitable organization.