Tompkins, Kristine McDivitt

Kristine McDivitt Tompkins



Areas of Focus


Kristine McDivitt Tompkins’s philanthropic career dramatically increased in scale with her partnership and marriage to Douglas Tompkins in 1993. Their shared appreciation for nature, its unspoiled beauty and inhabitants, led to the creation of Tompkins Conservation, the umbrella organization covering a range of efforts to preserve, nurture, and restore biodiversity through conservation, restoration, regenerative agriculture, and activism. Although Mr. Tompkins died in 2015, the couple’s shared mission continues to inspire conservation accomplishments of epic proportions. Steadfast in her commitment, Ms. Tompkins, together with her husband, acquired and donated millions of acres of unspoiled new parklands to Chile and Argentina. This achievement rendered the couple the most successful park-oriented conservationists in history. Ms. Tompkins is the former CEO of the outdoor clothing and gear company Patagonia, Inc.

Tompkins Conservation embraces the diverse range of conservation initiatives directed by Kristine and Douglas Tompkins. These efforts to create parklands, conserve biodiversity, restore degraded lands, reintroduce missing species, encourage environmental activism, and promote ecological agriculture are accomplished through a group of charitable organizations that they founded and businesses that they own.

During Ms. Tompkins’s tenure at Patagonia, Inc., the company became a renowned “anti-corporation” and leader in the outdoor industry. A graduate of the College of Idaho, she is a former competitive ski racer. The philanthropic conservationist mission that she shared with her husband has been captured in over 20 books published by their Foundation for Deep Ecology.