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Starting November 13, 2017, the Carnegie family of institutions in continued celebration of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy will celebrate the giving season with an online tribute that gives thanks to the everyday #GivingHero, whose generosity inspires us all, and whose selflessness cultivates a world of positive change.

The highlight of the tribute will be on November 25, 2017, Andrew Carnegie’s birthday, when the Empire State Building will join the celebration. The iconic tower will be lit in colors of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy tartan to celebrate Andrew Carnegie, and as a symbolic thank you to the everyday people who rise to the level of true #GivingHero.

Join us in the online tribute by sharing the story of the #GivingHero that makes your world a better place! Please post your story (on Facebook and Twitter) using the hashtag: #GivingHero

For more information, visit the #GivingHero online tribute page!

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Starting November 13: Pre-Empire State Building Lighting

  • How can you celebrate the people that inspire a world of positive change? Tell them #ThanksForGiving by sharing a #GivingHero story! http://carnegie.io/givinghero
  • Join @CarnegieMedal in #Thanksforgiving to the everyday #GivingHero who inspires a world of good! http://carnegie.io/givinghero
  • Inspire us! Celebrate the #GivingHero who inspires a world of positive change! Share your #GivingHero story! http://carnegie.io/givinghero
  • Spread the word! Honor the #GivingHero in your life with @CarnegieMedal … Tell us how they’re making the world a better place! Share their story! http://carnegie.io/givinghero
  • Countdown to Nov 25 when the @EmpireStateBldg will celebrate Andrew Carnegie, our #GivingHero. Whose generosity inspires you? http://carnegie.io/givinghero
  • This #ThanksforGiving, share your #GivingHero story & join us in celebrating the everyday heroes that make our world a better place! http://carnegie.io/givinghero
  • On Nov 25, the @EmpireStateBldg will be lit in honor of our #GivingHero, Andrew Carnegie. Who’s your #GivingHero? http://carnegie.io/givinghero
  • Join the Carnegie family of Institutions & the @EmpireStateBldg in honoring Andrew Carnegie, our #GivingHero! Share your #GivingHero! http://carnegie.io/givinghero

November 25: Day of Empire State Building Lighting

  • Happy Birthday Andrew Carnegie our #GivingHero whose generosity inspired a world of positive change! Who’s your #GivingHero? http://carnegie.io/givinghero
  • In NYC today for #ThanksForGiving? Then look up @EmpireStateBldg, lit in honor of Andrew Carnegie that inspired a world of positive change. Share your inspirational story of the #GivingHero in your life! http://carnegie.io/givinghero
  • Have you noticed anything different about the @EmpireStateBldg? Today, it’s lit in the colors of our #GivingHero Andrew Carnegie and celebrates the everyday #GivingHero in us all. Who’s your #GivingHero? http://carnegie.io/givinghero

After November 25: Post Empire State Building Lighting

  • Here’s a quick way to let someone know you’re grateful for what they gave you: Tell them! Share your #GivingHero story and your thanks. http://carnegie.io/givinghero
  • Share your #GivingHero story and help inspire others! http://carnegie.io/givinghero
  • When you feel #ThanksForGiving, you’ve been inspired by an everyday #GivingHero. Who’s your #GivingHero? Share your story! http://carnegie.io/givinghero
  • Know someone who made the world a better place? We want to know! Who’s your #GivingHero? Share your #GivingHero story w/@carnegiemedal! http://carnegie.io/givinghero

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